Thursday, 10 March 2011

I have been playing Gaiaonline all night, I was playing Zomg with my friend Jesse, his username is orangelightening. I love Zomg, it's pretty cool but I don't find it as fun when your playing alone so I don't play it for to long periods of time but some nights I feel like playing it more. I am also listening to my playlist on Myspace, listening to Eminem and also Young Jeezy still. Young Jeezy is one of my favorite rappers other than Eminem. So, my doctor is buying me my iPod lol, I don't know why but he says he wants to buy me one, maybe because he's a christian idk lol. So he says to come by tomorrow, or actually I should say today because it's past 12:00, it's 2:27am. So, I see him any time during the day, he says I can stop in for a minute and tell him what iPod I want, and I am going to tell him I want the iPod Touch 32 gig. I would say 64 but I don't want to be a douche xD.

In case you read this doctor since I know if you search my name in Google you will find this blog. Thank you very much for buying me an iPod and thank you so much for everything else, you are the worlds most awesome doctor, thank you for being so cool with everything.

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